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1. All the orders placed by you are considered to be binding.

2. By placing your order you confirm your agreement with these Rules of Shopping as well as with delivery, payment and complaint terms and conditions.

3. You will be informed about the status of your order(s) by e-mail. Or you can inquire about your order at this address: Jiří Petr, Music Shop, pasáž sv. Jána 2685, 530 02 Pardubice, Czech Republic, by e-mail address:
jajpetr@tiscali.cz, or by phone on working days from 9.00 a.m. until 5 p.m.: 00420/776 106 447 or 00420/466611911 where we will gladly answer all of your questions.

4. The prices of packaging and postage differ depending on a recipient's address and the country of delivery.

5. Goods purchased within the Czech Republic can be paid by direct debit or cash on delivery. However, our goods cannot be sent cash on delivery to Slovakia, Europe or other countries.

1. The cover page shows a range of titles included in the Diskografie section.

2. The titles we offer are displayed with general information such as name, type of media, rack price, etc. If you wish to get further information, just click on a specific title (its cover) to see a pop-up page with detailed data. Titles that are not attached with price information cannot be delivered at the moment.

3. Once you have selected a title you can order it: a/ by sending a written order to Jiří Petr, Music Shop, pasáž sv. Jána 2685, 530 02 Pardubice, Czech Republic b/ through this web page www.karelgott.com at the e-mail address:

4. Your order that must indicate your address and telephone will be responded to by a written letter or an e-mail message to inform you about a total shipment price (title + postage + packaging). Please indicate in your order whether you want to have your order sent cash on delivery or not. If yes, your package will be mailed to you upon crediting a total amount to our account.

5. The title you selected will be sent to you after you deposit an entire shipment amount to our account (kept in the name of Jiří Petr) with ČS - account number: 000000 - 1203122379/0800 Choose this method if you do not want to have your shipment sent cash on delivery. If you are placing an order from abroad, provide your bank with this information:
IBAN CZ 26 0800 0000 0012 0312 2379

6. As soon as your order is complete and handed over for delivery, you will be informed by e-mail.

7. Then you can only await your order to be delivered.]]-->

1. The buyer is obliged to check delivered goods immediately upon their receipt and to report possible identified defects, if any, to the seller no later than within 3 days in writing (e-mail), or the buyer may return the shipment within 14 days from its receipt without giving a reason (However, the goods must be wrapped in original packaging and unused.).

2. If a defect identified was caused by us, the required goods will be sent to you in due quality at our expense.

3. In his written notice the buyer will indicate identified defects (their nature and manifestations). The notice will then be sent to our address shown above.
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